Streetimals are pocket sized digital play-objects. They are made using craft materials and electronics. They are designed to encourage children to play outside.

Streetimals can be used in games, such as hide and seek and tag, games that require balance, for example, on balance beams in adventure playgrounds, or just used by children to better understand their environment.

Streetimals can be made with different electronic boards. We have built ours with the BBC micro:bit. You can see what else you can build on the official website


Picture of Instructable pack on a table Streetimals Instructable (Unpacked)

An Instructable contains everything you need to make a Streetimal. If you want to make these into a pack, for a workshop or similar. Download the Streetimals here. The picture above shows what's inside. It includes BBC micro:bit, craft box, cut-outs, and Scratch programming cards.

1. Programmable microcomputer

We recommend that Streetimals are powered using the BBC micro:bit. These pocket sized microcomputers allow the Streetimal to sense the environment, your movement and even other Streetimals. We bought the BBC micro:bit Go – Starter Kit which retail for approx < £20.

2. Craft box or large matchbox

The Streetimals body is made using a craft box or matchbox. Make sure your box fits the board before buying. Tip - some boxes come with useful foam pads inside which support the electronics.

3. Cut-outs

You can make your own cut-outs or make your Streetimal using other craft materials. The cards are contained in the pack zip file and come coloured-in or as outlines. Picture of the fox streetimal on some grass

4. Scratch Programming Cards

The Scratch programming cards show the computer code you need to write. The programs determine the behaviour of each Streetimal. You can find out about the different designs by clicking on the Streetimals tab at the top. We have also uploaded these designs as public projects to the website.

Alternatively, you can program Streetimals by scanning the QR-code on a laptop. This will take you to each Streetimal's page where you can also download directly to a BBC micro:bit.

Choose your Streetimal

Streetimals are about learning, moving and sensing. They like to play outside. Different Streetimals respond differently to what you do and the world around you.

Imagine playing with the cat. The cat needs you to move carefully. Run, jump and play without shaking your cat.

Click on the other Streetimals to find out more about them.

The dog card's front face.
The cat card's front face.
The fox card's front face.
The sheep card's front face.


Streetimals is currently in peer submission. We have blanked out this information temporarily.

Scan a Playing Card

In a hurry to get out to play? If you have printed or been given one of the programming cards you might have noticed a special code on the bottom. The code is called a QR code and will take you directly to your Streetimal on this website.
To read your QR code, line up your playing card with the camera. Please note, the camera is only reading the code and does not record anything.


The dog does not like loud noises. Move quietly.

Click here to program the dog on the BBC micro:bit MakeCode site.

Download Dog


The cat does not like to be shaken. Move carefully and smoothly.

Click here to program the cat on the BBC micro:bit MakeCode site.

Download Dog


The fox does not like the light. Keep in the shadows.

Click here to program the fox on the BBC micro:bit MakeCode site.

Download Fox


The sheep are friendly. Put two sheep close together

Click here to program a sheep on the BBC micro:bit MakeCode site.

Download Dog